Setavand Villa

Structural Design: Dr. Ali Razavi
Location: Kashan, Iran
Architect: Engr. Amin Darooei
MEP Design: Engr. Ali Abbaszadeh

The ‘Shaban’ building project in Kashan city has been designed and executed in a chamfered L shape. Due to the project's large volume and the client's economic considerations, a reinforced concrete structure along with a one-way waffle slab floor system was employed. Considering the presence of a weak soil in the area, 12-meter piles were used as a deep foundation for the structure. The project has a total built-up area of 3250 square meters on three floors. Efforts were made to optimize the architectural space by reducing the size of beams and columns, creating a luxury building with minimal construction costs. HSS sections were used for decorative facade columns.