The ‘Nastaran’ residential building project, located in the Zargandeh area of Tehran, is under construction on a 550-square-meter land. The total built-up area of the project is 4800 square meters. The building consists of three basement floors and six above-ground floors. To retain soil at the basement levels, truss retaining structures and reinforced concrete retaining walls were utilized. Due to the presence of large luxury units and high ceilings, a steel frame structure along with a ConTruss diaphragm system was employed, maximizing the usable architectural space. The lateral load resisting system is a steel special moment frame in both directions. Notable features of this project include large spans and a transfer beam at the first-floor level, where the structural column from the upper floors sits on it.
Nastaran Residential


Structural Design: Dr. Ali Razavi
Location: Zargandeh, Tehran