Construction Services

1- Project Supervision:
Provision of all kinds of architectural, structural and MEP supervision services with proficient and qualified workforce as resident or periodic supervisors

​​​​​​​2- Manpower:
​​​​​The possibility of providing experienced and expert manpower in various fields of construction operations

3- Precast Segments:
Today's construction depends on the use of precast segments in different components and elements of the building. FutureBuild has the potential of supplying a wide range of precast segments (walls, decks and ...) in various parts of the buildings.

4- Steel Frame Structures:
​​​​​​One of the advantages of steel frame structures in construction is having the possibility of building the segments of the skeleton in the factory and transporting them to the project site. FutureBuild has the potential of constructing 500 to 800 tons of steel frame structures per month for different requests of clients and transporting them to various destinations including the GCC countries.